It's nearly impossible to enjoy and have a successful life without a perfectly functioning and powerful brain.

Improve your frequency...

Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. Everything is energy around you. We attract or repel people and opportunities according to the level of the frequency you are in.

Find what is in your way...

When you find yourself in a ‘less-than-ideal-situation,’ it’s not because you don’t want it or aren’t capable of achieving it…

It’s because you never were taught how to make it a reality. Find out what is in your way that is jeopardizing the quality of your life.

Discover your greatness within.

You might be the person who has achieved some success but desire something more. However, deep down, you are afraid that you might lose the good you already gained if you go for more. Let's discover your greatness within and solve this feeling once and for all.

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"The most relevant dates in your life are: The day you were born and the day you discover why you are here."

As a Mathematician and a Physician, Dr. Jussi Eerikäinen harbored a deep-seated passion for the mathematical symphony underlying nature's energetic forces. In his private clinics, where he seamlessly blended traditional and alternative healing practices, Dr. Jussi dedicated over three decades to honing his expertise. His journey led him to create programs in energy medicine and neuroplasticity, significantly enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals.

I wouldn`t want to swap back to the time before I experienced Dr Jussi`s coaching."

Christina Gwerder. M.D.

“I launched my first event and earned tens of thousands of Euros and regained my true potential. This would not have been possible without Dr. Jussi's help.” 

Rafael Bettencourt. Coach, Speaker

“Dr. Jussi ist nicht bloss der ideale Partner um deine persönliche Situation massgeblich zu verbessern.”

Raffaele Bartoli. Immobilienmakler

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Achieve the results you always dreamed of. Since every individual has different needs, I will guide you in a unique and powerful way every step of the way. I will use simple and practical sessions to ensure that a successful mindset becomes part of your thoughts and actions. 

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Whether you want to improve how you sleep at night or your goal is to jumpstart your day to be at the top of your game, our FREE app is the perfect solution for all your needs. Download it now. It's FREE!


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Our body, and primarily our brain, uses electrical activity to operate. The electrical activity in the brain is called brainwaves. Having the right brainwaves at the right time is critical because enjoying and having a successful life is nearly impossible without a perfectly functioning brain and body.  


There are invisible forces within you that shape your habits and tendencies. By tuning your mind and body with the "UPGRADING YOUR SIGNATURE FREQUENCY" program, you will design your present state to create a powerful and meaningful life that impacts how you work and do things daily. And better yet, you WILL optimize your health.

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You only have power if you are connected. The same is true in relationships. Great partners are essential if you want a powerful growth. Our partners will provide all the tools you need to achieve your goals.


You will discover and grow in spiritual intelligence to be a highly successful individual. Spiritual intelligence recognizes and connects with more profound dimensions of human experiences, such as meaning, purpose, and transcendence.

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Empower yourself with our inspirational books that will transform your life and the lives of those around you. Change is inevitable - but personal growth is a choice.

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